Information for Applicants

Please select the links below to download a range of useful policy and application documents.

All completed documents – and any queries – to be sent to

Please note that applications are strictly by invitation only. Unsolicited enquiries or speculative application will neither be acknowledged nor considered.

Please read our Eligibility Criteria before writing your application. This provides essential guidance on the types of project we like to fund. The Who We Support page also gives some examples of successful applications and projects which you may find useful to review.

Applicants should submit their application on the General Grant Application Form (see below). Accompanying documentation such as covering letters, annual reports or cases for support can be useful to include, but are not essential.

Any first-time application by a new charity would normally be for £5-10K, though subsequent projects could be higher pending satisfactory completion and reporting.

The Halpin Development Grant is a slightly different type of funding we have recently introduced. It is designed to help charities develop areas such as business planning, strategic development, fundraising planning, or staff capability building – any area where we can help your charitable business to be more robust and resilient. The maximum grant is £15,000, and if you think you would be eligible for this, you should use the separate Development Grant form (see below).

There is no deadline for applications, but we meet 3 or 4 times a year to make decisions, and applications will normally be reviewed at the meeting following submission of the application. Occasionally it might be carried over to the subsequent meeting if our agenda is very full or the application is made very close to the meeting date. Forthcoming meeting dates are available on request.

Successful applicants will be expected to submit a report on completion of their project. Whilst this is not intended to be onerous, it is an important requirement. The report can be in any format, so you may use the standard template for your organisation if you have one; however we do ask that you include certain information as described in the Reporting Guidelines below. A completed example to help you is also included below.

All completed documents – and any queries – should be sent to