We focus on supporting 3 areas of charitable need:

  1. Conservation and environment
  2. Education
  3. Health

We like to form good and ongoing relationships with the organisations we support, and since 2013 have worked with more than a dozen different charities and supported over 40 projects.

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Our Principles

  • It is one of our guiding principles at the Halpin Trust that we want to use our money to promote lasting societal and environmental impact in the areas of work that we support rather than needing regular inputs of grants to keep going.
  • The Trustees are interested in providing support which addresses the underlying cause of an issue – the systemic problem – rather than relieving the symptoms of a problem.
  • Trustees will consider salary and capital grants providing there is a sustainable business model and the investment helps to tackle the underlying issue or unlocks a permanent/ongoing solution to a problem. For example: equipment for research, or equipment to help sustainable timber harvesting (if that helps to protect habitat) would be acceptable. Funding salary for a project officer post that can only be sustained with further injections of charitable funding would not be considered, whereas funding salary of a post that will bring in future funds, or which trains local volunteers to sustain a project after the funded post has ended would be looked on favourably.
  • Applications which target more than one area of interest will be looked on particularly favourably: for example environmental education projects or facilities, medical studentships, or projects looking at promoting mental health through contact with nature.

For full details of the eligibility criteria we use to assess grant applications, please check our Information for Applicants page.

Our Projects

Here are a few examples of the organisations we have worked with. Click on enabled logos to find out more...